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Trepants per goteig (15-Adlt)
Broques per goteig (12-15yrs)
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Moure els trepants (12-15yrs)
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PSC, the Coach and Player Educator

Our mission has always been to provide innovative and effective football training methodology to further develop the game. Since 2007 its evolution has gone hand in hand with technological advances in order to deliver material in the most effective way possible. The modern platform today is a responsive model that makes PSC content more accessible anywhere and any time.

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FAQ: PSC Project

  • Què es? +

    PSC ( is a collection of football training sessions and drills from youth to adult football. These are delivered in both video and pdf formats. Tactical tutorials are also used to define and provide understanding in a number of topics.
  • Qui sóm? +

    The coaches and trainers who built the PSC system are working Professional Football Coaches typically working in professional academies and U-23 levels for Professional Clubs. We are also constant students of the game and the innovations and practices that help evolve the modern game. Holding various UEFA & USSF licenses, Sports Science and Physical Education degrees.
  • Origin of PSC? +

    Coaching soccer (football) every day I am constantly searching for new and innovative soccer training practices and sessions. Looking for soccer drills and practices that engage, inspire and challenge my players to become better (as I still do today). The inspiration for developing this site was from the shortage of high quality training material available. I was tired of looking at the same drills in books and DVD's. This extensive training library is the product of years of playing, coaching, studying and recording the most memorable and effective drills. Training methodology has been taken from football coaching clinics and academies all over the world with the goal to create the most comprehensive collection of soccer drills anywhere. The library continues to be developed and added to maintain the ever changing practices of modern day coaching and sports science. We will always be students of the game. Many of the sessions in the library has been taken from studying some of the most respected soccer coaches in the world (from Jose Mourinho to Louis Van Gaal). Hopefully their work will prompt you to utilize and experiment with their ideas and principles and adapt them to your teams needs and exercises/sessions.
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